A101: The Death of a Salesman

Track A: Science of Sales – Monday 24 April 
10:15 – 11:00

Join us for this expert panel to explore why B2B sales based on relationships are in peril—and learn what your company can do about it. Recent surveys suggest that almost 60 percent of the B2B purchase process has been completed before a salesperson is even contacted by a prospect. The companies that win in the information economy are hiring “sales nerds”—subject matter experts with great communication skills who take a data-based approach to helping customers make informed purchasing decisions, and compete in the marketplace.

Learn how B2B buyers are engaging with your brand and digital content in order to screen you as a vendor; how you can uncover anonymous sales opportunities using analytics; and how you can reframe the traditional sales process to thrive in the new buyer-empowered economy.

Presented by: Graham Hawkins, John Pyke