C102: Executive Boot Camp, Part 2: Integrated Customer Centric Strategy— Your Road Map to Success in 2030

Track C: Boot Camp Basic Training – Monday 24 April 
11:15 – 12:00

At the heart of a successful integrated customer-centric strategy is a solid CRM system containing clean, accurate, and comprehensive customer profiles, or customer master files, that get enhanced using tools such as identity resolution to seamlessly integrate offline and online customer data. New business analytics tools in turn leverage customer profile data to optimize sales, marketing, and service processes, and ultimately drive optimal customer experiences. Learn how to maximize your investment in CRM tools and techniques. This session covers the role of CRM as the hub of an integrated customer-centric strategy containing holistic customer profiles populated with timely, relevant customer information; how to put together a multiyear road map through 2030 that exploits CRM to ensure that your company thrives; and case studies of organizations successfully leveraging CRM as the core of their integrated customer-centric strategy.

Presented by: Barton J Goldenberg