A203: AI’s Role in Shaping Modern Customer Engagement: Experts Weigh In

Track A: Creating Sustainable Growth – Tuesday 25 April 
13:45 – 14:30

There’s no denying the interest and attention artificial intelligence (AI) has today in the enterprise. But how should your organization leverage the power of AI to improve the way it interacts with customers across all phases of the customer lifecycle? This panel brings together top executives representing some of the leading vendors in the CRM industry to discuss many important topics surrounding AI and how it will change customer engagement in the enterprise, including:

  • What’s driving the push for AI 
  • The different areas of AI (machine learning, deep learning, etc) and the roles they play in customer engagement strategy and implementation 
  • How AI is changing traditional aspects of CRM/customer engagement 
  • How AI is effecting CRM platform development and infrastructure 
  • How AI is impacting the adoption of new tech initiatives, including chatbots, digital assistants and IoT 
  • What organizations need to do to find success with AI from a customer engagement perspective

Presented by: Brent Leary, Volker Hildebrand, Melissa Boxer, Param Kahlon, Michael Wu, Marco Casalaina