CRM Evolution 2017 Speaker List

Leslie Ament Dan Ault Allyson Boudousquie Melissa Boxer Charlie Brown Silvana Buljan Randi Busse Chris Caputo Juan Carlos Gabarro Marco Casalaina Kishan Chetan Mark DiMaurizio Danny Estrada Michael Fauscette Sean Follin Stephen French Joe Gagnon Brian Gardner Ben Gillis Barton J Goldenberg Joshua Greenbaum Paul Greenberg Bob Greenberg Graham Hawkins Volker Hildebrand Charlie Issacs Param … Continue reading CRM Evolution 2017 Speaker List

C105: The Path to Customer Service and Marketing Alignment

Track C: Future Trends – Monday 24 April 16:15 – 17:00 Customer Service and Marketing have historically been like two ships passing in the night. While both played an important role in organizational success, rarely are the disciplines ever aligned. This presentation will discuss the new role marketing must play in order for companies to move … Continue reading C105: The Path to Customer Service and Marketing Alignment

Pia, Brian

Brian PiaCEOThink Tank Partners LinkedIn | Twitter Brian Pia is the Chief Executive Officer at Think Tank Partners, a boutique customer experience consulting company. For more than two decades, Brian has worked alongside leaders of some of the most recognized brands in the world.  His work focuses on enhancing the customer-centric service experience by combining … Continue reading Pia, Brian