CRM Evolution 2017 Speaker List

Leslie Ament Dan Ault Allyson Boudousquie Melissa Boxer Charlie Brown Silvana Buljan Randi Busse Chris Caputo Juan Carlos Gabarro Marco Casalaina Kishan Chetan Mark DiMaurizio Danny Estrada Michael Fauscette Sean Follin Stephen French Joe Gagnon Brian Gardner Ben Gillis Barton J Goldenberg Joshua Greenbaum Paul Greenberg Bob Greenberg Graham Hawkins Volker Hildebrand Charlie Issacs Param … Continue reading CRM Evolution 2017 Speaker List

C203: Business Agility Unites All Areas of CRM

Track C: Expert Perspectives – Tuesday 25 April 13:45 – 14:30 CRM provides the tools for modern business, but we often forget to identify modern needs. This session reviews how CRM supports business agility and enables businesses to take on the challenges presented by social media, the demands of mobility, and the subscription economy. With examples … Continue reading C203: Business Agility Unites All Areas of CRM

Pombriant, Denis

Denis PombriantManaging PrincipalBeagle Research Group, LLCCRM Magazine Columnist Twitter | Facebook | Blog Denis Pombriant is a well-known front office analyst, author, blogger and speaker. He also contributes to CRM Magazine on a quarterly basis. Pombriant has written several books about CRM most recently, “Solve for the Customer” (2015) and “You Can’t Buy Customer Loyalty, … Continue reading Pombriant, Denis