CRM Evolution 2017 Speaker List

Leslie Ament Dan Ault Allyson Boudousquie Melissa Boxer Charlie Brown Silvana Buljan Randi Busse Chris Caputo Juan Carlos Gabarro Marco Casalaina Kishan Chetan Mark DiMaurizio Danny Estrada Michael Fauscette Sean Follin Stephen French Joe Gagnon Brian Gardner Ben Gillis Barton J Goldenberg Joshua Greenbaum Paul Greenberg Bob Greenberg Graham Hawkins Volker Hildebrand Charlie Issacs Param … Continue reading CRM Evolution 2017 Speaker List

A202: Credible Growth: Using CRM Practices to Manage Long-Term Growth

Track A: Creating Sustainable Growth – Tuesday 25 April 11:45 – 12:30 CRM typically focuses on the shorter-term sales pipeline that moves well-defined opportunities through the funnel. As a product leadership company, much of Gore’s long-term growth depends on new product development initiatives that could require years to reach technical feasibility, validate market acceptance, and commercialize. … Continue reading A202: Credible Growth: Using CRM Practices to Manage Long-Term Growth

French, Stephen

Stephen FrenchEnterprise Sales & Marketing Analytics LeaderW. L. Gore & Associates As part of a new Enterprise Sales & Marketing leadership team, Steve is creating a vision for Gore’s Center of Expertise approach to measuring the effectiveness of Gore’s sales and marketing processes.  Steve has previously held leadership positions in Finance, IT, and Sales Operations … Continue reading French, Stephen