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A301: How to Become a Customer- & Employee- Centric Leader—& Reach the Next Level in Customer Engagement

Track A: People Relationships – Wednesday 26 April 
09:00 – 09:45

The transformational change needed in organizations to move from a product-and-distribution view toward a customer-centric view does not fail because of technology or the lack of change management. It fails because we don’t develop customer- and employee-centric leadership skills in our team-leading staff (including C-level managers). Based on a proven methodology—and illustrated by the case study of a client, a major premium automotive manufacturer—this session aims to give you insight into the strategic coaching skills that enable managers to shift their focus toward making a difference for customers and employees.

Presented by: Silvana Buljan

A302: Extending CRM Beyond an Efficiency Tool Into a Platform for a Culture of Relationship

Track A: People Relationships – Wednesday 26 April 
10:00 – 10:45

Your CRM system should be the entry point for organizing your relationships toward a powerful shared purpose—beyond business. Shared purpose allows your company to tap into the enormous potential and business value of your network. Being part of the relationship revolution means better content, continuous innovation, and increased customer referrals, not just efficiency and profit gains. When you have a strategically designed CRM to measure sales and relationships, a broader customer base and a stronger brand follow. This session defines the practical steps required to establish a relationship strategy for your CRM.

Presented by: Charlie Brown, Anna Richter

Closing Keynote Panel: The Cutting Edge of Sports Fan Engagement

Closing Keynote Panel – Wednesday 26 April 
11:45 – 12:30

Learn from a panel of sports business executives from teams and agencies in the field how to engage fans who are already digitally mature and looking to be more involved. Sounds easy, but not when you are a midsized business with a small budget and enterprise level expectations. Hear what the teams do and how they collaborate with others to get it done.

Presented by: Paul Greenberg, Peter Sorckoff, Ben Nickerson, Mark DiMaurizio